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This tool converts CLNG, DITL, DLGE, LOCR, and RTLV to JSON and vice-versa.
It is a CLI tool, meaning there is no GUI and you must use a terminal i.e. PowerShell.

For hash resolution (in DLGE and LOCR), you require the hash list next to the exe. You can download the latest version here.


ResourceLib is required for this tool. For more information, see the installation page.


Intricacies of the formats will not be discussed on this page, it will only go through usage of the tool. For more information on the formats, read the HMLanguages page.


Converting any type file to JSON:

HMLanguageTools convert <game> <type> <input file path> <output file path>

The above command assumes that the .meta.JSON file is located at <input file path>.meta.JSON, to specify it, add the --metapath <meta file path> option.
If converting DLGE, and you want more accuracy for the random container weights, add the --hexprecision option when converting. It is not required for rebuilding.


For early H2016 LOCR files it may fail to convert. This is due to a different cipher being used, you can add the --symmetric flag to fix this.

Rebuilding any JSON to a raw file + .meta.JSON:

HMLanguageTools rebuild <game> <type> <input json path> <output file path>

The above command will output the .meta.JSON file to <output file path>.meta.JSON, to specify it, add the --metapath <meta file out path> option.

Language Maps

When converting and rebuilding DLGE, you must ensure that the language maps being used are correct for the languages in the file. If there are more or less in the map, the tool will fail to convert/rebuild.

The same applies to RTLV, but only on rebuild.

If the default language maps are incorrect for the file you're converting/rebuilding, you must specify them using the --langmap option.

More information on language maps can be found on the HMLanguages page.


usage: HMLanguageTools [--metapath path] [--langmap map]
    [--defaultlocale locale] [--hexprecision] [--symmetric]
    mode game type input_path output_path

positional arguments:
    mode            the mode to use: convert or rebuild.
    game            the version of the game to convert/rebuild from/to:
                        H2016, H2, or H3
    type            the type of the file:
                        CLNG, DITL, DLGE, LOCR, or RTLV
    input_path      path to the input file
    output_path     path to the output file

optional arguments:
    --metapath      input/output path for the .meta.JSON (RPKG Tool!)
    --langmap       custom language map, overrides the one provided by version:
                        e.g. xx,en,fr,it,de,es
    --defaultlocale the default audio locale, used for DLGE conversion
                        and rebuilding. default: en
    --hexprecision  use this option if random weights should be output as their
                        hex variants allowing for greater precision,
                        used for DLGE convert only
    --symmetric     if a symmetric cipher should be used, early H2016 LOCR only.